Gianna Armani is European trained.

She knows the art of implementing effective, artistic, creative ideas to increase sales, volume, and how to communicate to a customer and influence them to buy.


Our mission is to set your company/product apart in a exclusive position.

Drawing the attention of the client by linking fashion,eye appeal, design, perfection, seduction and marketing by keeping the product in prime focus.


Gianna will eliminate errors saving her client time and money.

We are here to help clients articulate their own personal style and to increase sale volume by developing original design concepts.


With our experience, we will effectively contribute to the communication process, the promotion, and therefore, the total enhancement of the product and the imaginary aesthetic/style which it characterizes.


Gianna produces striking visual images, with her unique perspective and unconventional take on the worlds of

Fashion /  Beauty /  Design….Past…Present…Future